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Spin King Smash Pro - Table Tennis Table

Spin King Smash Pro - Table Tennis Table

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Spin King Smash Pro

18mm table surface

The table offers good bounce and durability, this 18mm table surface is suitable for players of all skill levels. The table surface features silk-screened white striping that is printed directly on the tabletop,  and then finished with Ultra-violet light to create a smooth, durable, and consistent playing surface.


Independent Table Halves 

The table features a two-half design, each table half can be completely separated and used individually for multi-use.


Net & Post Set

The Smash Pro table comes with a clamp-style net, that's easy to assemble, and attaches in seconds. The durability of the net makes it a perfect match Indoor table use.


Stable Steel Legs

The table is supported by black powder-coated steel legs with adjustable rubber leg supports that keep your floors scratch-free and enable custom height adjustments for a totally level playing surface.


8 Locking Wheels

The wheels glide easily to make moving the Table simple, each half of the table has four wheels, so you can move the table as a whole or when separated. This allows for easy an compact storage when the table is folded. Each wheel also features locking devices to ensure stability while playing and safety when storing.


Safety Lock 

The Smash Pro features an lock on the underside of the table. This locks the table top into the upright position, providing you with added safety and preventing the table from unfolding unexpectedly.


40mm Steel Supports

The 40mm steel tubes supports the table top to provide you with an even bounce across the entire surface. The steel frame provides additional aid to make sure the table top remains flat and consistent.

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